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Who We Are

The Plaidvocates are a student athlete run health and wellness program within   the sports medicine department at Carnegie Mellon. We host workshops and events that help promote the well being of student athletes. All Plaidvocates members were nominated by their peers to be apart of this organization. We undergo training from the One Love Foundation, as well as through Counseling and Psychological Services, in order to learn how to handle sensitive topics and difficult scenarios.


Workshops for 2017-2018 School Year

Labor Day Workshop

Projected Cost: $1445

The labor day workshop is an event that focuses on training student athletes to be aware of sexual assault and relationship violence. The Plaidvocates undergo training via the One Love Foundation, and use this training to further train student athletes. At the event, student athletes undergo a four hour sexual assault and relationship violence seminar where they learn how to identify and how to step up in a situation where sexual assault or relationship violence may be occuring. The Plaidvocates are each assigned to a group of student athletes, and they facilitate conversations between the athletes in order to make sure that they are understanding the training they are being given. During this events, the Plaidvocates also do a give away of a small item to help brand their name, since they are a lesser known campus organization. Food is provided for the student athletes due to the length of the training.

9/11 CMU Police Appreciation

Projected Cost: $0 (Panera gives us donations)

On 9/11, the Plaidvocates go to the CMU police department and give them bagels and coffee, as well as a gift from the athletics department, that shows our gratitude for the work that they do to keep our community safe. The Plaidvocates started this event this past year, and they intend on doing it every year.

West Coast Social

Projected Cost: $200

The West Coast Social is an event that seeks to connect student athletes from the West Coast. In the past, athletes from the West Coast have said that the transition from the West Coast to the East has been hard because they feel that they have a hard time adjusting to the social norms of the East Coast. Therefore, the West Coast social is an event that aims to bring together people from the West Coast on different sports teams so that athletes from that side of the country can relate to each other. Pizza and games are brought to the social.

S.A.F.E. Training

Projected Cost: $0 (Free Program from CMUPD)

S.A.F.E. training is a program run by the Carnegie Mellon Police Department that teaches women self defense tactics in case of an emergency. This program is completely free, and the Plaidvocates are working on advertising it more to the entire campus community.

Nutrition Cook-Off

Projected Cost: $325

This event is a workshop that emphasises healthy and proper cooking techniques during National Nutrition Month. The Plaidvocates are going to host a “Chopped” style cook off where 10 teams of 4 will be given random ingredients, a mini grill, and an hour in order to create a healthy meal. Judges will then judge the meals made and the winning team will receive a prize. Before the event takes place a quick speech will be given on grill safety techniques, as well as proper nutrition.

Happy Days

Projected Cost: $150

Happy Days is a workshop for student athletes that offers a mental health break from the stress of academics and athletics. Simple activities such as corn hole, fingerpainting, macaroni art, coloring, and more will be set up for student athletes so they can take a break from the high levels of stress they experience from their sport and their academics. Music will be played and snacks will be offered.

It’s On Us! Campaign

Projected Cost: $650

The It’s On Us! Campaign is a nationwide, NCAA sponsored event that utilizes a week in order to spread awareness about sexual assault. At CMU, the Plaidvocates are running events for the week with the help of the Title IX office. To spread awareness campus wide, the Plaidvocates are hosting a campus wide barbeque as well as doing a t-shirt sale. A workshop similar to the one run for student athletes on labor day will be conducted with the Greek Life community, and the Plaidvocates will be facilitators for that event as well.


Projected Cost: $300

The Plaidvocates hope to buy a banner with our symbol on it in order to gain recognition at their events. We also hope to use this money to fund giveaways with. This would help us become a better known organization on campus.


What We Need

Within our organization’s short history, we have been successful in hosting several workshops and events that better our campus community. Because we are a relatively new organization we have a small budget and our events rely heavily on donations. We are crowdfunding because we want to establish a stable budget for ourselves so that we can create more impactful workshops, and hopeful make a greater impact on the student athlete community.

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