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International Film Festival

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International Film Festival

“About Us”

The mission of the Carnegie Mellon International “Faces” Film Festival is to engage the Pittsburgh community with all-encompassing programming that promotes cultural exchange and expression, and through film, illuminates the local and global ethnic communities which seldom have opportunities to celebrate their artwork and culture on a large public scale. By collaborating with guest filmmakers, arts organizations, and local businesses, the festival creates a platform for these ethnic groups to expose the Pittsburgh community to their cultures, allows attendees to identify and relate to their own origins, and for cinematic artists to engage audiences with their films and dialogues.

Created in 2006, the Carnegie Mellon International “Faces” Film Festival is a project of the Humanities Center at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), which has supported research and encouraged interest in the humanities for more than 14 years. The festival serves as a non-academic bridge to the greater Pittsburgh community, and opens its doors each year to the interests and passions of people across generations and cultures.


“Our Project”

Our project is designed to support the Festival’s most central operating costs: marketing campaigns, event space and equipment rentals, screening fees, and production of merchandise.

Without effective marketing campaigns, we would miss key awareness opportunities with students and faculty on campus.

Without the funding to rent event spaces, we aren’t as able to encourage CMU students to attend our events off-campus. Our off-campus events are held at local theaters and venues in various neighborhoods of Pittsburgh, including the Harris Theatre downtown, Regent Square Theater in Squirrel Hill, and Melwood Screening Room in North Oakland. By attending our events in these locations, students are able to broaden their understanding of Pittsburgh, meet new people, and network themselves in their own fields.

Without the funding to produce merchandise like T-shirts and printed materials like posters and stickers, we miss an opportunity to better interact with our audiences. These materials encourage annual support by building our name as a cultural entity in the city year-after-year. Because we want to build relationships with individuals in our audience, our mission is not just support this year, but support every year. By connecting with audiences through tangible materials, we are better able to create those bonds that last years, instead of just weeks or months. When we have audiences that attend events every year, we are serving our true mission here in Pittsburgh. 

Without the funding to rent the proper equipment and pay screening fees, film screenings would not be possible at all.


“Why Contribute”

The CMU IFF provides meaningful cultural and academic services to the CMU community of students and faculty as well as to the citizens of Pittsburgh area.

Every Festival event since 2006 has been designed to support small businesses, to strengthen local ethnic communities, encourage cultural enrichment for all ages, and inspire the city to welcome diversity and empower activism.

Our presence on CMU’s campus gives students the tools and access to further explore their studies through the lens of film. Our special guests come from all over the world. Their Q&A; sessions and workshops with students open up dialogues about important global issues and offer students the chance to ask questions in a safe environment outside their classroom. We work with CMU faculty to better involve CMU students in the events themselves. We are the only student-run film Festival in the world. Our team is built up of students and they are the ones who plan events, fundraise, and promote. These experiences are not only crucial to their development for the workplace, but also as young world citizens. The skills they gain through the Festival experience are the skills that make them stand out in their future careers. The people from all backgrounds and ages that they meet and befriend over the course of the Festival season broaden their perspectives as young people and inspire them to better connect with the world around them.

Our presence in Pittsburgh encourages people of all nationalities, ethnicities, ages, economic backgrounds, and political beliefs to come together to learn more about the world and the city we inhabit. By structuring our events to deeply and thoughtfully explore the content of our films, we are providing our attendees with knowledge that will encourage greater tolerance of others and greater appreciation for the arts. We offer a platform for those who are neglected by traditional media to be heard and accepted and celebrated. Through our receptions catered by local vendors, we offer small businesses the chance to meet members of the communities they hope to serve, hear their thoughts, and learn how to better serve them. Through our supplementary panel discussions and Q&A; sessions, we give audiences the chance to ask important questions, debate critical issues, and explore perspectives in a way they may not have access to from their living room.

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