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Strong, Loud, Proud: Empower Our Girls

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Strong, Loud, Proud: Empower Our Girls

About Us:

Founded in 2000, Strong Women Strong Girls is a nationally-recognized mentoring organization dedicated to creating and supporting positive mentoring relationships between college women and girls in grades 3 to 5. Through mentoring, we hope to raise ambition and combat the dangers of low self-esteem in pre-adolescent girls. The organization now serves over 1,400 girls in Pittsburgh and Boston across more than 80 mentoring sites.

The Carnegie Mellon chapter of SWSG, which launched in 2006, works towards the empowerment of young girls living in underserved communities across Pittsburgh. Mentors meet with the girls for 90 minutes each week and lead the girls through lesson plans which highlight healthy life choices, female role models of the past and present, and life skills which help the girls grow into strong women. In turn, working with diverse groups of creative, funny, challenging young girls broadens the minds of the mentors and helps to reinforce a cycle of mutual empowerment. Mentors also have the opportunity to take on leadership roles within the chapter and can receive coaching on their leadership skills, mentoring, and career preparation from local professional women that they are linked with through SWSG.

Our Project:

Next semester, we plan on continuing our work in three SWSG sites in the local Pittsburgh community and starting two new sites. Through the new sites, we hope to reach and empower more girls in Pittsburgh and help them build confidence before they enter middle school and their teen years, the times when young girls’ self-esteems are often the lowest.

Since Strong Women Strong girls is a free afterschool program, in order to start new sites that accommodate about 12 to 15 girls each, we hope to raise $2,000. The $2,000 will go towards covering transportation for the mentors to and from the sites, providing supplies needed at the sites, recruiting new mentors, and covering the costs of getting mentors’ clearances.

Why Contribute:

With the growing presence of social media in daily life, the already challenging teenage years have become increasingly difficult for adolescents to navigate. During this time, teenage girls are often affected the most; it is at this age that girls’ self-esteem starts to drop and a confidence and ambition gap begins to appear between the genders. Often times this gap doesn’t disappear as the teenagers grow up, but stays with them and even widens into adulthood.

Strong Women Strong Girls is committed to helping close this confidence gap by empowering girls through weekly mentoring sessions where girls create meaningful relationships with college mentors and learn about powerful female role models. Through the mentoring sessions we strive to build up the girls’ confidence levels before they enter their teenage years and help them realize that, despite societal obstacles they may face, they have the strength and ability to become whatever they desire.

A contribution and investment made to Strong Women Strong Girls is not only an investment in the next generation of strong women and female leaders in Pittsburgh, but an investment in future of Pittsburgh itself.

You can visit our website and Facebook page for more information or email us at!




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