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CMU Showcase Class of 2017

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CMU Showcase Class of 2017

CMU Showcase 2017

Every year, the graduating students of the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama travel to Los Angeles and New York. We showcase our talents, skills, and passion to industry professionals to give us a running start. Breaking into theatre, film, and television isn’t easy, so this event helps us build a network that offers support and opportunities as we get started. In the past, students have gotten agents, been invited to audition by casting directors, and met future collaborators at Showcase. The relationships we build there would take years to establish without this event.


Our graduating class is made up of 73 undergraduate and graduate students who have traveled from all over the world to study and explore the dramatic arts in Pittsburgh. Students in our class study Acting, Musical Theater, Costume Design, Lighting Design, Scenic Design, Sound Design, Video and Media Design, Directing, Dramaturgy, Costume Production, Stage and Production Management, Technical Direction, and Dramatic Writing.

During our time at CMU, we have formed an artistic family founded on collaboration, risk, imagination, love, and a hunger to create. We push ourselves to go beyond what is expected, exploring our vulnerabilities as we make work that’s responding to the current state of our world. With the support of our peers and faculty, we leap over hurdles as we learn what it takes to create excellent work.


Showcase is an opportunity for the graduating class to display skills and experiences gained during our time at the School of Drama. It is a presentation to industry professionals in Pittsburgh, New York, and Los Angeles and is meant to help launch graduating students’ careers. Agents, managers, producers, designers, and many other theater practitioners and entertainment professionals are invited to witness the culmination of our training at Carnegie Mellon.

Performers prepare scenes, monologues, and songs, while designers, directors, writers, and managers create portfolios of their work. Showcase provides us an incredible chance to build connections and find the representation that will allow us to continue to follow our dreams and passions beyond our time at Carnegie Mellon.


We created this crowdfunding campaign to help raise the money needed to produce the 2017 Showcase. In total, the class of 2017 is responsible for raising $50,000. This year, through cabarets, presentations of original work, and the sale of many candy bars, we’re raising funds that will allow us this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We look to you for help now! The class of 2017 is asking for donations to help make Showcase a reality. For the next 30 days, from November 7 to December 8, we will be accepting donations to reach our goal of $10,000. No donation is too small (...or too large)! You can contribute any amount and make a very large impact on our success. Check out the perks to the right or choose your own amount. There is no way any of us could have gotten to this point without the support of those who love and believe in us, and now, we’re turning to you all for help one more time.


Our goal is for this crowdfunding campaign to significantly increase our chances of going to Showcase by raising $10,000, a fifth of the total funds needed to make Showcase happen.

As you can see, Showcase is an expensive endeavor. Here’s exactly what your donations are helping us obtain:

  • Reservation at the Snapple Theater in New York

  • Reservation at the Matrix Theatre in Los Angeles

  • Lodging in Los Angeles

  • Ground transportation in LA

  • Marketing to get industry professionals to the event


All the money we raise will go directly toward producing Showcase. If we happen to go past our goal of $10,000, we will continue to accept donations until our 30 day period is up.


We aren’t the only class from Carnegie Mellon’s School of Drama that has had to take on this challenge. Here are just a handful of the alumni who were once in our shoes:


Matt Bomer (BFA ’00)

Christian Borle (BFA '95)

Eduardo Castro (BFA ’77)

James Cromwell (BFA '64)

Ted Danson (BFA '72)

Dagmara Dominczyk (BFA '98)

Peggy Eisenhauer (BFA '96)

Jules Fisher (BFA '60)

Josh Gad (BFA '03)

Ian Harding (BFA ’09)

Megan Hilty (BFA '04)

Holly Hunter (BFA '80)

Peter Hylenksi (BFA '97)

Cherry Jones (BFA '78)

John Arthur Kennedy (BFA '36)

Eugene Lee (BFA '62)

Judith Light (BFA '70)

Joe Manganiello (BFA '00)

Rob Marshall (BFA '82)

Patina Miller (BFA '06)

Roger Morgan (BFA '61)

Ming-na Wen (BFA '86)

Rory O’malley (BFA '03)

Billy Porter (BFA '91)

Zachary Quinto (BFA '99)

George Romero (BFA '60)

Ann Roth (BFA '53)

Stephen Schwartz (BFA '68)

John Shaffner (BFA'76)

Joe Stewart (BFA'77)

Mel Shapiro (BFA '61)

Leigh Silverman (BFA ’96)

Tamara Tunie (BFA '81)

Blair Underwood (BFA '88)

John Wells (BFA '70)

Patrick Wilson (BFA '95)


Just to name a few ;)

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