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Night Witches

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Night Witches

The Project

Night Witches is an original theatre piece exploring women resistance in World War II. The play is inspired by real events surrounding the 46th Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regiment. This division was the only all-female unit in Soviet history. We then broaden the scope to include other forms of resistance from women of different nationalities. Our project aims to illuminate the diverse roles women played throughout the war. 

The show was created in a devised manner, truly embracing the collaborative process. In the earlier stages of creating the show, we asked CMU Drama students to improvise various scenes and to briefly inhabit different characters in a workshop setting. We trusted our fellow actors to generate movement, dialogue, and interpersonal relationships; they helped us deepen our understanding of the complex characters and explore the range of possibilities for scene development. 

About Us

We, The Bellwether Theatre Project, are a group of 5 CMU Drama students of various options that have come together with the unified goal to create a culture of understanding and empathy for its community through personal, intersectional storytelling. We have been working together on projects all year and have decided to take our original production of Night Witches to Chicago for its public debut. Putting it up in Chicago was important to us because we felt it would be the best way to apply the skills we have learned at Carnegie Mellon. We want to take the opportunity to solidify and build upon the CMU network. 

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Why Contribute

Night Witches is not only important for our personal development as artists, it also has the potential to bring about significant social change. The cast is all female, a rarity in the theatre world. We also are embracing diversity within the cast. We consider it important to expose the full spectrum of femininity and womanhood by including marginalized groups: those who are oftentimes left without a voice and written out of history books. By utilizing the CMU network of students, faculty, alumni and administration, we have been able to successfully solve numerous logistic problems and achieve many of our goals. We can only hope that we will gain more support from the many we have not yet reached through this crowdfunding platform!

Now we have reached the point in our process where we look to donors for support to help us legitimize our project. Funding is required in order for us to create the most professional and impactful production possible. Our dream is to impact a community of diverse individuals and stir meaningful conversations. Part of our hope in reaching out to donors is to make tickets accessible for the less fortunate, which the theatre often disregards. We truly believe that embracing our diversity is the path for a better future and your generous donations will allow us to use our talents to realize our dreams of creating a stimulating production performed to a variety of audiences. 

The funds will be used for costs of production, such as rent for the space, marketing materials, and costumes funding, as well as general costs such as travel and living expenses for the company. Please help us complete our goal!

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