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MSCF Program Fund

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MSCF Program Fund

MSCF students are facing an unprecedented need related to meeting their personal expenses as a direct result of the COVID-19 crisis. Most of these students had plans for paid summer internships, many of which are now being cancelled or postponed. As a result, students are not receiving expected income needed to support their living expenses. Especially hard hit are those living in and around our NYC campus. The MSCF Program fund will be used to assist these students on an emergency basis to help offset this impact as it relates to costs associated with housing, meals or unforeseen medical/travel expenses that have resulted from their loss of an internship.

How is the MSCF Program Fund used?

The MSCF Program fund is a discretionary fund used by the MSCF Program to cover all program related needs, included direct student services and career service related expenses. MSCF Student Services will work directly with students to identify where assistance is most needed, and the MSCF faculty steering committee will approve disbursement of funds in an equitable manner.

Impact of your support

Donors like you will be supporting MSCF students at a critical time in their education, bridging the gap during the period when their summer internship was expected to commence. By alleviating financial hardships, you will enable students to focus on excelling in their academics in the final semester of the program and on pursuing full-time career opportunities. Without this support, students may find themselves needing to withdraw from the program, seeking employment overseas or finding roles in other fields, resulting in a loss of talent pool for existing MSCF program partners.

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