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Help SCS build RoboVentilators

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Help SCS build RoboVentilators

Although this project has closed on the crowdfunding platform, we can still accept donations in other ways. if you are interested in supporting or partnering on this project, please email us.


The Covid-19 pandemic caught the entire world grossly unprepared to supply ventilators. We should have had more. Full adult ICU ventilators are expensive and difficult to rapidly obtain at scale. There are alternatives, but none can provide full ventilator capabilities. While the US is flattening the curve, there are areas of the world that have staggeringly low access to this vital equipment. And beyond that, we all need to be prepared for the future.

A team led by noted CMU professor Howie Choset is combining CMU’s expertise in computer science and robotics with that of the world-class pulmonologists and critical care doctors at the University of Pittsburgh to develop a solution for this crisis, aiming to create a modular, low-cost alternative, which could be manufactured and distributed quickly. The team now needs funding to begin design and manufacture of ventilators for mass distribution.

What makes the RoboVentilator unique?

The multidisciplinary team has significant experience in medical robotics, including launching a previous spin-off company with an FDA-certified system. The group consists of experts in biomedical robotics, device design for respiratory support and ventilator mechanics, and pulmonary and critical care medicine.

Compared to other low-cost ventilators being proposed, the technology, already developed by the team, allows the creation of a closed loop system to provide customized and appropriate care. Three key technologies enable this capability: novel sensors, embedded actuation and control, and a modular systems integration approach.

Why contribute

For Giving Tuesday Now, SCS is looking beyond our walls and use our expertise for the greater COVID-19 effort. If you choose to support the RoboVentilator project, you will help develop technology that may save lives all around the world.

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