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College of Fine Arts Fund

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College of Fine Arts Fund

The College of Fine Arts educates the world's next generation of brilliant and transformational artists, designers, actors, musicians, architects and scholars. In order to help ensure that our students are prepared to headline the future, we aim to provide them the support they need to focus more fully on the enriching educational opportunities CFA provides.  Support for the College of Fine Arts Fund can help us make this possible.

What does the College of Fine Arts Fund support?

The College of Fine Arts Fund supports the urgent and often unexpected needs of the College of Fine Arts. During this time of the COVID – 19 pandemic, more students than ever need support. This may mean financial support for transformative project work that would be impossible to undertake without funding for materials or supplies, or funding to resolve emergencies that could derail our students’ course of study and practice. Gifts to this fund allow the Dean of the College the flexibility to support these areas of need as they occur.

Why Contribute

With your generosity, we can ensure our CFA students have the resources they need to continue their groundbreaking research and creative inquiry.

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