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College of Engineering Dean's Innovation Fund

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College of Engineering Dean's Innovation Fund

Imagine something you’re working towards in your life – a book you’re writing, a marathon you’re training for, a business you’re building from the ground up. Then imagine having to start over. For some College of Engineering students, pivoting to remote research means they will have to repeat in-lab experiments when they can safely return to campus. And in many instances, researchers have had to suspend their projects just one experiment away from publication, sacrificing months or even years until they can finally finish the process. Other researchers have lost valuable research samples because their work requires specific controlled conditions. These challenges will have a lasting effect on undergraduate and graduate research in the college. Engineering students need support to help restart their projects when in-lab research begins.

What does the Dean’s Innovation Fund support?

Your gift to the College of Engineering Dean’s Innovation Fund will help to close a critical financial gap caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The fund will provide integral support for undergraduate and graduate research — helping projects to get back up and running when students can safely return to campus. In addition, the fund can also provide support for students interested in broadening their experience at the university outside the classroom, offsetting out-of-pocket costs for students to take part in these important experiences, such as professional development, that shape their time at Carnegie Mellon.

Why Contribute

A gift of any size will help to support College of Engineering undergraduate and graduate students in this extraordinary time of need. With some experimental labs losing valuable research samples because of the necessary shift to remote research, your gift will provide the materials and support needed for students to return to their work in the lab.

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