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MCS Dean's Innovation Fund

Donors: 29 Dollars: $5,355

MCS Dean's Innovation Fund

The MCS Dean’s Innovation Fund provides essential funds to support students and faculty, and provides the college with the ability to take advantage of promising opportunities and critical needs as they arise.

As scientists, we know that research and innovation will be the key to our recovery. Help ensure the strength of the college by allowing the dean to act quickly to develop new programs and curriculum, support students and faculty and take advantage of ground-breaking opportunities as they arise.

Impact of your support

Our world has shifted. In this unprecedented time, flexibility and responsiveness are critical to supporting the kind of education that makes CMU and MCS special. The world of foundational sciences has changed during COVID-19, and has become more critical than ever. Our industry is working quickly to develop cutting-edge treatments and vaccines.

While classes have gone virtual, at Mellon College of Science, we are working to adapt the way students learn, bringing the lab to their home. Any gift to the fund, large or small, will make a positive impact for Mellon College of Science students and faculty.

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