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One Hundred Years of Colombian Comics

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The crowdfunding campaign for this project has closed but you can still make your gift to support this work.


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Our Project

To commemorate the publication of the first Colombian comic in 1924, and as a preamble to major centennial events and festivities, we are excited to take this opportunity at CMU to celebrate the history and many artists who have developed the medium of Colombian comics over this past century.

This symposium aims to expand visibility and critical scholarship on Colombian comics—historical and contemporary—beyond the mainstream. We would like to open a conversation to the rich history of comics in other areas and beyond borders. This is an opportunity to open up the debate and encourage the study of essential themes on Colombian graphic narratives that, for example, explore issues such as racial or ethnic representation, gender inequalities, or exile.

In keeping with the theme of One Hundred Years of Colombian comics, we have invited artists, scriptwriters, publishers, critics, scholars, and fans, to participate in the celebration with panels and round tables that examine critically how comics, comics studies and the digital humanities can challenge dominant historical narratives and can contribute to a re-imagining of the Colombian comics industry, society and culture more broadly. Your generous support will not only help us put on a successful and memorable event, but it will also allow us to connect the university community with a broad local and international audience interested in comics and Colombian/Latin American cultural production.

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