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We are a bold student community that is putting a Carnegie Mellon rover on the Moon this winter. Over 200 of us have worked tirelessly over the last few years to conceive, design, innovate, prototype, program, and test the robot. We are diverse by way of internationalism, gender, and majors. The rover, the team, and the mission are unprecedented for any university. We are showing that CMU can accomplish that for which only the best and brightest have ever aspired to do: touching the stars, while thousands of miles away.

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Our Project

Our project is creating and launching the world’s first nano, non-governmental, self-determined, self-funded, university-initiated, and student-developed rover that will operate beyond planet Earth. ‘Iris’ is the size of a shoebox and will weigh only a pound in the Moon’s light gravity. It is a miracle of technology, mechatronics, miniaturization, and software. Culturally, Iris is an inspiration of ingenuity, volunteerism, commitment, and resourcefulness. The specific need of this fundraiser is to pay for the last flight components and testing for launch shake, vacuum, temperature extremes, and radiation without which Iris cannot fly.

Why Contribute

Your donation will put Iris, along with your name, on the Moon. Anyone who makes a gift will be added to a list of names that will be aboard Iris at launch. Particular parts and materials are needed to build the rover, precise equipment and finely tuned environments are required to test it, and a fully assembled and tested rover is the only way we're getting to the lunar surface.

The deadline is closing in. Our launch can’t be pushed back. This is our one shot - we need you and this funding.

All we are asking for is the Moon.

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